Features of Solo Pet Doors

Ten Sizes

Solo automatic pet doors are produced in California by the original inventor, who holds patents on the internal mechanisms that set us apart from all others. If you want a door that will last the lifetime of your pet, lock securely, operate unattended, and keep out intruders, nothing can compare to a Solo Cat and Dog Pet Door.

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Replacement Parts

Here is the real beauty of owning a Solo automatic dog door or cat door. You no longer have to replace your door every few years. If a part breaks or wears out, you simply order that part and install. As a result, many of our customers have owned their doors for more than 15 years.

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Extra Large Sizes

Solo Automatic Pet Doors come in extra large sizes for your Giant Pets! The modern giant pet doors come with very innovative security measures that ensure that only your dog can pass and nothing else. An optional intruder alarm is also available at the time of purchase.

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Solo Pet Door Sizes

Ten Sizes

To determine your door size, take off the white cover and look on the back. If it is not written on the cover, you can accurately measure the opening, the Model number is the HEIGHT followed by the WIDTH of the opening.