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Solo Pet Doors is your number one source for automated pet doors, supplying you with the highest quality, convenient, secure, and safe automated electronic pet doors made in USA.

Manufacturers of the finest dog and cat doors in the world!

Our Automatic Pet Doors are triggered by a magnetic pet tag that does NOT need batteries. The pet tags will last forever, unless your dog loses the collar or chews off the tag!

Solo PROVIDES Super Large doors for the YUKON HUSKY!

We ship our Pet Doors to Canada and the US.
Made In USA

Click through the images for each type of install using the arrows.

Door Installation

Our pet doors can be installed on a human door, French doors, and custom doors.


Wall Installations

Our pet doors can be mounted easily between the framing studs of outside walls. The width can be adapted for thinner or thicker walls.

Sliding Patio Doors

Our doors are available in different styles of sliding glass door inserts from door and wall mounts. Simple to install!

Custom Door Installs

Use your imagination for your custom door installation. Here are some examples of unique installation ideas.


The Solo Automatic Pet Door opens when your dog or cat approaches, then closes after it has passed through.
  • Distance settings are adjustable
  • Timing settings are adjustable
  • Only pets with a tag can activate the door
  • Pets with no tag remain inside
  • On/Off switch or Locking Pin to keep door closed
With a Solo Pet Door, you no longer have to replace your door every few years. If a part breaks or wears out, you simply order that part by itself and install it easily. As a result, many of our customers have owned their doors for more than 15 years.

Magnetic Pet Tags: The durable tinted Lexan© door slides open and closed via a collar tag. The pet door automatically locks securely; therefore, you can be absent and not have to worry about your pet or home security.

The magnetic pet tags last forever (unless your pet chews it off the collar). The pet tags do not require batteries so your pet will never get stuck and unable to use the door. The tags are waterproof and operate magnetically.

Our tags come in 5 sizes to accomodate all pets.
  • Tiny: e.g., Toy/Miniature
  • Small: e.g., Cat/Chihuahua
  • Medium: e.g., Beagle/Cocker Spaniel
  • Large: e.g., Labrador/Standard Poodle
  • Extra Large: e.g., Mastiff/Rottweiler/Great Dane
Shop Red Pet Tags
Pet Tag Sizes

We have designed and crafted our Solo Automatic Pet Doors to fit any dog or cat, with the pet’s safety and comfort always in mind.

A good way to determine the proper opening size is to measure your dog’s or cat’s height and width, then use a cardboard cutout to simulate an actual door. In addition, putting a treat on the other side of the “door” will provide incentive for your pet to pass through the opening.

Once you get your measurements, select a size slightly larger from one of our ten sizes. You want it slightly larger rather than smaller because your pet may become less agile as they age.
  • The overall height of the door is over twice as high as the pet opening (as shown)
  • The pet door frame is 4" thick
  • Dog door will protrude when installed on human door
  • Carefully measure for installations below a window
How to Measure Pet

Customers have owned our dog doors for 15 years or more and replaced only parts occasionally, due to the fact that the solid aluminum frame is permanently installed in either a wall or a human door (your choice).

We have provided a detailed diagram that shows every part, where it belongs, and its proper nomenclature, so that makes it a cinch to find and order the exact item.
  • Easily mount in a wall or human door
  • Can be adapted to fit any size exterior wall
  • Use 6-foot extension cord or hard-wire into wall
  • Can be installed by the homeowner, a handyman or contractor
  • On/Off switch to keep door closed
  • Use a smart plug to lock remotely
Parts Diagram

We have designed and crafted our Solo Automatic Pet Doors to fit any dog or cat, with the pet’s safety and comfort always in mind.

We offer ten door sizes to fit all dogs and cats, from Minitature/Toy size pets to the largest Great Danes.

Ten Sizes

Optional intruder alarm* provides added security.
Once installed, if the door remains open for more than 12 seconds, an alarm will sound for approximately 60 seconds. In addition, it will shut off and AUTOMATICALLY RESET ITSELF. As a result, you don’t even have to be home to monitor it.

*Intruder alarm is available only at the time of purchase.  (Not available on Model 1008 or Model 1210)